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Pop-up tower

Available in size

  • 201.6 x 223.6 cm

Single-sided colour print (4/0) back blank

Pop-up advertising tower, consisting of three printed panels and a collapsible frame made of matt black aluminium with hinges and magnetic locks

Dimensions of system:
– Height: 225 cm
– Diameter: 64 cm

Format of print:
– Height: 223.6 cm
– Total width: 201.6 cm (three panels, each 67.2 cm wide)

Printed fabric:
– 350 µm PVC (semi-gloss)
– 440 µm PVC incl. lamination (fire protection class B1)

Weight: approx. 16.5 kg

includes a transport trolley with a separate storage compartment for printed panels

Additional options: halogen lamp for lighting (3 pieces)

for indoor use

easy to assemble without tools

Only one design can be uploaded for each print order.

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