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Bottle collars

Available in 2 sizes
  • 8.0 x 8.5 cm

Single-sided colour print (4/0) back blank or Double-sided colour print (4/4)

Wide range of paper stocks available

250 gsm art print paper glossy

250 gsm Splendorlux (FEDRIGONI) or 250 gsm Magic Chrome printed with UV-dried inks.
250 gsm Chromolux Pearl printed with UV-dried inks and all-over UV-dried varnish finishing.

250 gsm Splendorlux (FEDRIGONI): front high-gloss-coated; white back (writeable). Printed with UV-dried inks

250 gsm offset paper: both sides untreated, to be written

200 µ  plastic film: Tear-resistant matt-white film (water- and oil-resistant)

280 gsm chromo-sulfate board: front glossy, back untreated (writable)

300 gsm recycled board (100% recycled paper, “Blue Angel” environment seal): with
1.3 times volume and excellent opacity

300 gsm art print paper matt

400 gsm art print paper matt

Will be shipped die-cut


Bottleneck sleeves are a great promotion media for the catering & hospitality industry. Can also be used as additional advertising media for several events. Guaranteed, an eye-catcher for your customers! Also available as bottle tag in our marketing tools.

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