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Available in 2 sizes
  • 5.2 x 14.8 cm
  • 5.2 x 21.0 cm

Double-sided colour print (4/4)

Wide range of paper stocks available

300 gsm art print paper: matt water-based paint applied on both sides

400 gsm art print paper: matt water-based paint applied on both sides

280 gsm chromo-sulfate board: front glossy with water-based paint, back untreated (writable)

250 gsm offset paper: both sides untreated, to be written

250 gsm CHROMOLUX Pearl: Pearl-white front. Printed with UV-dried inks and all-over UV-dried varnish finishing.

250 gsm Magic Chrome (mirror effect): The silver shimmering front provides a great appearance. Printed with UV-dried inks

250 gsm Splendorlux (FEDRIGONI): front high-gloss-coated; white back (writeable). Printed with UV-dried inks

300 gsm recycled board (100% recycled paper, “Blue Angel” environment seal): with
1.3 times volume and excellent opacity



Is there anything better than to lay back in your cosy armchair a good book at hand? You devour the novel page by page until at some point you have to put the book aside. This is where the bookmark comes into play. Conventional bookmarks are usually inserted. Sticking out at the top of the book, they can be decorated as desired. But there are even more sophisticated ways to mark a book. Why not use a personalised bookmark as an advertising tool you can give to business prospects. This will not only make bookworms and book addicts happy!


If you want to print bookmarks, you have come to the right place. We bring your favourite design to paper. Choose between a long and short bookmarkand pick your favourite paper from a large selection of paper qualities including art print paper, Chromolux pearl effect cardstock, eco-friendly recycled board and more. Besides the paper type, you can also define the thickness of the paper and choose an optional finish. Print personalised bookmarks upgraded with an optional film lamination or UV coating. Whether matt or glossy, we turn your ideas into great print products also in small quantities.


By default, we print bookmarks as a four-colour job (4/4) on both sides, giving you the freedom to design your bookmarks for maximum impact. If you want to print only one side of the bookmark, just leave the second side blank in your artwork. To achieve best results, you should design your artwork according to our specifications. Custom printed bookmarks are the perfect promotional gift. Add a funny slogan related to reading to emphasise the messages you want to get across with this unique promotional tool. Occasionally, custom bookmarks are repurposed as eye-catching business cards. The unusual format will immediately stand out and be remembered for a long time. Print bookmarks today and show your customers you care for them by giving them a unique gift of practical use.

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